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I wrote this post a few months ago, and just never hit ‘publish’. Sometimes I need to let something  sit before sharing it with the world.




The saying goes, “When it rains, it pours.”

I am not talking about the figure of speech, here, though.

On the many rainy days I have experienced in recent weeks, I’ve watched the rain come down with a different perspective.

It seems to just not let up! I started to get annoyed because it just kept falling, faster and faster and never seemed to slow down. What finally popped into my head to describe it was the word relentless.

It comes down from the sky and just pours buckets of water onto cars while driving, people while walking and hits houses and buildings with such force.

Sometimes the sound of rain is calming to me. In these recent days, however, the relentlessness of it has caused something to stir in me.

I used to write these weekly email devotions where the theme was “God’s love is…” and I would think up (with the help of the Holy Spirit) a new word or phrase each time. Sometimes it was a message I heard, or the way God spoke to me in His creation or a song. I never had any trouble describing God’s love.

What I realized as I watched and heard the rain fall today was that God’s love is relentless.

It just keeps coming down, sometimes annoyingly, but also as a necessity.
It’s consistent and provides nourishment to our souls.
It hits us hard when we need a splash in the face.

I looked up synonyms in a thesaurus and one word that caught my attention was “fierce”. There is a group of people that are near and dear to my heart that talk about love from God and love for one another as “fierce.” In every correspondence with one another we always say, “I love your fiercely!”

While these words are most often connected with God’s anger about the disobedience of his people; both in the Bible and in our own lives, we can look to the cross and the sacrifice of God’s son, so that instead of a picture of anger and punishment, we may experience God’s relentless and fierce love.


Ironically, or perhaps appropriately (the Holy Spirit is always working in mysterious ways), it’s pouring rain outside as I update this post and finally publish it.


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