Today began just like this day seven years ago. A cool, crisp fall day with blue skies and not a cloud to be seen for miles. But this time around, it didn’t seem as painful to make it through the day. I acknowledged the moment of silence, like I have every year since that day…but I wondered how many others did? One news show just went on with its regular programming. I mean, I know we have moved on, but shouldn’t we also remember and honor the past?

I continued on with the rest of my day. I read a few articles online about memorials and such, but there’s fewer new stories with each passing year.

Perhaps we are all healing. God has provided a bit of normalcy each year, yet still helps us remember.

Remember the clear, blue skies.
Remember the cool, crisp air.
Remember the 2,975 lives lost.

Remember that God is STILL good.
Remember that God continues to provide hope.
Remember that God is love.

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