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Savor the Savior

 But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” – Luke 2:19 (ESV)

Pictures are powerful. They evoke memories of experiences. They take you back to the time and place and people who were/are a part of your life.

This must have been one of the first pictures I took and posted on social media in 2005. It takes me back to my college days and the friends I made. But at the time, I didn’t who care who saw the photo. It was just the new trend to post it for others to see.

Remember a time when we lived life, took photos and enjoyed the moments? We shared memories and experiences through conversation on the phone and in person when we saw one another. And when we didn’t see one another, we hoped (and assumed) all was well with our friends and family.

I miss those days.

While I love to connect on social media with friends near and far, I do less savoring of my experiences because I am too busy trying to catch up with what everyone else is experiencing and sharing. I wish I had less access to everyone’s lives.

As we enter into the last full week of 2019 there is much for me to prepare for: A busy Christmas eve worship, packing for a Holy Land Tour and a one month sabbatical. Where are the moments to savor the celebration of the birth of Jesus? What about to remember the last decade as we enter a new one?

I usually don’t come up with a mantra for the new year so quickly, but this one came to my mind as I prepare to end 2019 with the trip of a lifetime and begin 2020 with a full month of rest.

For me, I already have experiences to savor in the coming weeks:

  • Christmas Eve Worship
  • Christmas Day Worship as a guest in a city congregation
  • Christmas Day movie with my spouse
  • Preparation & travel for an almost two week tour of the Holy Land with a group of fellow Christians.
  • A massage when I return home from that trip.
  • Travel to the Midwest to visit family and friends
  • Not having to set an alarm on many days
  • Beginning to train for a spring half-marathon
  • Continued projects to renovate our home, which turns 100 in 2020.

I could very easily post about all of these things in the coming weeks, but what comes along with my mantra to savor is my plan to remove myself from social media until Feb 1.

If you want to see photos of my Holy Land trip, you will have to wait. If you want to hear about my sabbatical adventures, you will have to wait. If you are curious about the memories I will make, you will have to wait.

My focus this coming year is to enjoy what is in front of me. My desire is to enjoy without seeking (and needing) the likes, loves and comments from those I connect with through social media. My true worth comes in My Savior. Savoring the Savior and everything else that God provides is what I plan to do.

I never understood why people would announce when they were disappearing from their social media accounts, but now I get it. This is a communication tool that we all use. We connect and assume that we are looking at each other’s messages and posts. It’s still a valid and important way to connect.

And if you have messenger, my cell # or my email address, I welcome the continued connections through those avenues! I won’t be checking or responding to any work related messages, but if you want to share photos or check in on me, please do!

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