Our student ministry had been planning for this big spring retreat coming up this weekend. We just found out yesterday we won’t be having it because the lack of numbers from both ours and another church. It’s so frustrating.

Youth Ministry is a mystery to me, sometimes. It’s specifically why that’s not my main/only focus…because I know I would get easily frustrated and burned out.

But I know God has chosen me and many other great people to use their gifts to minister to teens. I know we have to come to them, I know we have to meet the culture, I know we have to make it “cool”…But that is all easier said than done.

I also realized after a conversation with pastor that we have to make our student ministry unique, specifically to our church. Each church has its own unique culture and we have to match that in order to make student ministry work for our students.

It’s so easy to compare ourselves, try and copy another church’s program, and then don’t understand why no one showed up. We compare ourselves all the time in life. That’s part of the mentality that we aren’t good enough.

But we are. We are good enough in God’s eyes, through Jesus Christ, His Son.

And that is why we keep chugging along. That is why we love God and love kids.

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