Small Talk Series: Elevator Talk

I think I would rather listen to the elevator music than have any type of conversation while waiting to get to my destination!


But, why?

The majority of the time, you are in the elevator with complete strangers. Also, most people are thinking about where they are going, what their day holds, the next task on their to do list and a myriad of other things.

No one wants to engage in conversation, especially if it’s only for a few seconds. (Unless you are an extrovert, then you just want to break the silence!)

But I have had a handful of pleasant small talk conversations in elevators, especially if the other person has engaged me and is in a pleasant mood.

I know some people who have gotten in the elevator with someone famous. Most of the time, it’s still awkward, but at least you got a story and a memory!

I don’t want to ramble on about this one, I want to hear from you!

Share in the comments your most awkward elevator small talk experience or your most memorable!

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