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  1. Small talk is difficult for me. I don't share the charm and social ease that some do. Add to that the fact that many people, whether close family or mere acquaintance, feel that they are entitled to pieces of you or knowledge about your future.
    I have a two-fold opinion about these particular questions, though. Early in your marriage, when people are still patient these questions are sweet and inquisitive. That doesn't bother me. It's a way to fill the space, to feel like they have something in common with you, or to share some wisdom they think they have gained from their own experience.
    Later in marriage, though, people get aggressive. They are no longer sweet or inquisitive, they become judgmental. You haven't yet, don't want to, or can't have children and are failing to fill some quota or milestone they have expected from you. There is supposed to be a “natural” progression of things in a relationship and once you pass the given timeline you become a freak, or a commodity and they feel the need to press upon you that you are not getting an younger, you'll never be able to afford kids so stop waiting, or some other unhelpful and disparaging remark.
    This is when I started getting upset. These are the questions that are hard to answer and really just get tiring, because whatever you say is not going to satisfy the need they have to help you “fix” your life to fit their expectations.
    I probably rambled, but after 5.5 years of the same questions and the intense looks I have serious qualms about people and their insensitivities to the fact that relationships, like people, are all different. Here's hoping your crowd is more understanding. 🙂

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