Small Talk Series: My Facebook Status

I knew Facebook was going to become a dreaded small talk point of conversation soon after this occurred:

I had put up a mundane post about painting my newly owned home.  A few days later, someone came up me at work and asked about it.  I didn’t even remember posting about it, and then they had created this small talk conversation by knowing something about me without physically asking me.

After that experience I knew two things:
1) I had to be more aware of what I was posting on Facebook and;
2) I had to be prepared to small talk about it.

Since that post, I have learned that small talk can happen through and about Facebook and it’s just as mundane and boring, because no one wants to read (or talk about) you daily routine via the internet.

But I’ve also learned that a new part of our lives is to connect with people through this phenomenon. We read about each other’s lives, sometimes chat or message, but mostly learn about other people, based on what they post.

So this makes for a whole new genre of small talk. You know who has been trying to connect with you via FB based on the small topic conversation that come up days and weeks later. Sometimes someone is behind the times, which can really throw a wrench in a conversation, but like all small talk, it’s initially awkward, and then hopefully gets better.

I’ve learned to pay attention to what I post and have tried to avoid too many topics that could create small talk. At the same time, Facebook statuses have also given me the opportunity to share my life, but still keep my privacy. I can choose daily events or exciting happenings to post about and share with people, and then perhaps that will keep them from asking more invasive questions…One can hope, right?

Thoughts? Annoyances? Please comment and share!

Speaking of invasive…the next topic in the Small Talk Series will be: Marriage? Kids?

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