Small Talk Series: Television

I forgot to give props to James for providing the Elevator Talk topic for the Small Talk Series.

Next up: Television, recommended by Heidi G. and seconded by Greg.

So, some of us watch television and some of us dont’t. Even among those of us who watch television, it varies widely what we watch.

The invention of DVR and TiVo allowed us to watch our favorite shows on our own time.

The invention of Facebook made it difficult to go more than a few hours without our favorite show’s plot being spoiled for us.


The acronyms are even worse. People are busy so they don’t want to spell things out, and they insist on talking about them on social media.

And face to face conversation about television can be super awkward. It’s pretty normal if it’s a shared interest among friends, to discuss favorite tv shows, but is that really the topic you want to be associated with in small talk?

Television isn’t bad, but it shouldn’t be the center of our universe. We have family, friends, jobs, goals, dreams, etc…that we should be just as excited to talk about! But again, it’s small talk, so we don’t want to go too deep.

It’s hard to talk about an amazing show (or amazing book you have read) without giving too much away or if the other person doesn’t seem interested.

I think the better route to go is “Genres” of television shows, movies or books. That way, you can discuss types of these things without ever going into specifics.

I know I’ve got non-tv watching friends out there, what do you think? How do you make these small talk conversations more manageable? And for those who watch tv, can anyone explain the obsession of sharing excitement online or with complete strangers after watching it?

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