Small Talk Series: The Weather

Wow! I got such a great response when I asked the question: “What topics of small talk do you dislike?”

I will have plenty to discuss in the never several entries! Please comment with your thoughts, your feedback is appreciated!

First of all, let’s define “small talk”.

The all-knowing Wikipedia says, “Small talk is an informal type of discourse that does not cover any functional topics of conversation or any transactions that need to be addressed.”

So, as I said in the previous post, this first topic will be the one we all know and love (or hate): the weather.

What I found when I typed “small talk + weather”
in Google image search.

Why is the weather one of the most popular topics for small talk?

The weather is unpredictable and always changing, so I suppose it’s easy to chat about. Everyone is concerned about the weather because it usually affects our daily lives, even though we have no control over it.

I think my annoyance with small talk related to weather, is the idea that people like to make it a competition between each other’s city/states and whose weather is the craziest.  Yes there are seasons and we are used to certain temperatures, but if the weather does anything out of the ordinary, why do insist on talking about it?

Side note: Why can’t we just be content with whatever weather we are given and enjoy it? If it’s raining, we can be thankful for the moisture, if it’s sunny and hot, we can be thankful for the warmth. When a natural disaster strikes we can pray for/think of those who were affected.

Now it’s not all bad. We live in a fast paced world where we rarely stop to really converse with anyone. The weather is an easy topic to break the ice or fill the silence. It doesn’t bring up emotion or ruffle feathers, it just fills the void. Perhaps it even opens the door for more diverse conversation.

As an introvert, I don’t always need the void filled, but I will talk more about later.

Why do you think we so often talk about the weather? It certainly can be annoying in certain contexts, but if it’s the open door to deeper conversation, well then, I guess I will keep at it.

Next up in the Small Talk Series: My Facebook Status…Stay tuned!


  • Corby

    I would agree with ya on most accounts. However as a meteorologist I can say that for me to talk about the weather comes naturally and not as a means for filling a void. It's my passion in life and I actually consider the attempt to understand the unpredicatble a gift from God!

  • emily

    That's awesome Corby! I didn't really take into account those of you who talk about it for a living! It's easy to talk about what we are passionate about, and if it's the weather, well then, the rest of us can certainly get something out of it!

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