Small Talk Series

I’m going to try my first series in this blogging adventure.

In the last few days I’ve gotten rather annoyed with weather being a topic of conversation. Why does everyone talk about it? Why does it come up so often?

And I realized it was one of the small talk conversations I’ve grown to dislike talking about as an introvert.

Now, if you are an introvert you understand my disdain for small talk.  But small talk is part of daily conversation, meeting new people and even building relationships.

As much as I dislike it, I have to engage in it on a pretty regular basis in my life and work, so I might as well try to embrace it.

In this series, I am going to bring up all the topics of small talk that I’ve learned to discuss, the ones I avoid, the ones that annoy me and also talk about why small talk is so difficult and annoying for me.

If you’ve got any ideas on what I should include, please comment!

First topic…you guess it: the weather.  Stay tuned!

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