something better

I just returned from a conference in my hometown of Indianapolis. It was a youthworker’s conference, and while I expected it to focus on senior high, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get a lot out of it for my role in junior high and young adult ministry. I have to say the lutheran church does an excellent job of looking at all the areas that youthworker’s pursue. As a DCE I know that my job really is ‘jack of all trades’ and I appreciate the opportunity to learn about the various areas of which I am passionate about!

Our church is starting to pursue more in the area of young adult ministry, and I am very thankful for that! I am also excited about a new idea that is being prayed over called: unpaved ministries. I’ve seen it in other Christian settings, but I am excited for our Lutheran Church to get involved in meeting youth where they are at!

I’ve realized in these summer months of talking and planning for the future, that we are in a time of ‘go ministry’ where we have to meet people (young and old) where they are at in the world. Whether it’s the coffeeshop, sporting event, or even the bar…the opportunity to minister is always present!

It won’t always be easy…in fact, it will be quite difficult, but God has given us something better, and will continue to pursue us and our ministries with something better! (‘Something better’ was the theme for the weekend conference, but I really enjoyed how it was presented and examined to refresh us as youth workers!)

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