If I am going to be a blogger, I guess I have to take the leap. I need to stop making excuses for not doing it. I love to write, that should be enough. But, yet I read all of these wonderful bloggers and am extremely intimidated. Some plan, some don’t, but they all do it and that is the difference between me and them.

What do I fear? The perfectionist in me wants everything planned out and perfect, but the adventurous side of me just wants it to come out and be great everyday. Neither of those are realistic, so I hope I can find a happy medium.

Whoever may be reading this, any tips? How do I start? I would like some plan as far as themes and how often I write.

I will start brainstorming. I have to start somewhere.

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  • Jack Phoenix

    The best blogs are driven by a clear vision and focus. What, exactly, is your blog going to be about and whom is is for?

    There is no right answer to those questions, but they must be answered. Are you aiming for readership, or are you writing for your own sake? Will you have a singular focus, or a more generalized approach? The answers may take time to develop, but start somewhere and see where it goes!

    One thing is for sure: develop a regular consistency. Either twice or thrice weekly update to begin.

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