Songs of Christmas: Joy to the World

Our world is in need of some joy right about now. While I had not been avoiding the dire situation in Aleppo, I hadn’t read much until I came across this letter, written by Ann Voskamp.

The pictures are difficult to take in. The real time tweets from Bana are unimaginable, and yet they are coming across our screens, into our hearts and minds, bringing us closer to what’s happening.

  • How do we find joy, knowing these horrifying bombings are happening in another corner of the world?
  • How do we find joy when their are Dakota pipeline protesters being hosed down with water cannons and fines are being implemented for anyone trying to bring them supplies?
  • How do we find joy in a country feeling very divided less than a month after an election?
  • How do we find joy…?

Our preparation in the season of Advent is to celebrate our coming Savior. The Good News we have is that He has already come!

As I listened to “Joy to the World” a couple of days ago, the phrase, “The Lord has come” resonated with me, because Jesus is already here among us! He is the joy we can experience right now, in this broken world.

There’s a lot of activities and appointments vying for room in my heart and mind this season, but this song reminds me that this season is preparing room in my heart for Jesus and allowing him to be with me along the journey!

There is much rejoicing in knowing Jesus and that He is here with us, even in the midst of so much chaos. We must not turn a blind eye to the brokenness around us, but we must look at it through the eyes of our Savior and share the “wonders of His love” with those around us.

Listen for yourself: Joy to the World by Sufjan Stevens 

How does this song resonate with you this year?



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