My head is spinning. This week has felt like a non-stop, roundtrip flight from here to the far corners of the world. How do I make it stop?…Or really, I just need it to slow down. I know I am in control of my day to day routine, but I think I need to give more time to God and let him be in control…as it should be. If I could simply spend my first few minutes at the office in His Word, I think I would feel better, have more energy, and be able to endure this crazy week that I am experiencing.

But why do I struggle still? Why can’t I just open my Bible and let God breathe in me His life?

Distractions. Not an answer, but an excuse.

Perhaps I will try again, because that is better than giving up and not trying at all.

Please breathe into me Your life…that it may be my own.

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