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Spiritually Fed

Ever felt this way?


When I haven’t eaten, I tend to feel this way. Emotional, lashing out for no reason and just plain cranky. And then I grab a snack or eat a meal and my perspective completely changes. I am content and ready to move forward in a better state of mind than I was just moments before.

What I have realized over and again, is that for me, I also experience being “spiritually hangry”.

I get angry and emotional when I am lacking the bread of life, God’s Word. He gives me every opportunity to come to Him in prayer and in Scripture readings and when I ignore the negative state of mind for which I am in, I am doing harm to myself.

When I lack the nutrition, which include the fruits of the spirit, his life-giving message of salvation and so much more, I cannot function at my full capacity in my service to Him and His people.

How am I to be a servant of the Word, if I myself am not inwardly digesting it, allowing it to nurture my soul?

Last week I had the opportunity of attending a conference at my alma mater. I had the privilege to listen to one of my theology professors as he led us in worship and devotion for the few days we were together.

As I listened, I realized that I had been “spiritually hangry” for quite some time. I was filled up, but craved so much more.

Coming back to the daily grind after a time of refreshment away, makes it more challenging to set aside the time to be spiritually fed, but each time I start again, I feel more ready for each day the Lord has gifted me.



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