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Stories – #15

On this 15th day of November, I am thankful for stories.

Whether you open a good book or get away from the world in a movie theater for a couple of hours, I love a story that takes you out of reality and allows you to be enveloped by the plots twists and turns.

Whether it’s based on a true event or it’s completely made up, I envy (but am also thankful) for those who have the ability to create stories and characters that engage me over a long period of time and teach me about the world and about myself!

I take pride in my ability to write about what is real and true events that have taken place in my life, but there’s nothing like a good fictional story to entertain and surprise me!

Today’s post is inspired by seeing the new James Bond movie: SkyFall last night! But many a book and movie would also contribute to this thankfulness!

What movie or book have you recently been thankful for and why did it impact you in this way?

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