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I went to a new doctor this week for a regular check up, and when I got on the scale, the number was one I had never seen before. It wasn’t bad, it just confirmed how stress has wreaked havoc on my body for the last several years.

I came to the realization that I can’t casually discuss this concern with just anyone in my daily life. Many people that know me, have made assumptions that because I look a certain way, I don’t have to do anything to take care of my health. In casual conversations, many times, I am told I can eat whatever I want, wear whatever I want and because I have the genes, I will be just fine.

That’s is far from the truth. The way I look, and the way I feel, do not always match up, but it’s a hard thing to speak up and say when no one is really listening.

Since 2015, I’ve experienced the following health issues:

  • H-Pylori infection
  • Gall bladder attacks
  • Removal of Gall bladder & appendix
  • Acid Reflux
  • Gastrointestinal issues

None of these health issues have visible symptoms. But while I may be looking “great” on the outside, stress has been wreaking havoc on my body, causing fatigue, lack of motivation and requiring me to take a closer look at my habits.

I say all of this not to obtain empathy, but to remind you that stress is equally dangerous to our health as any other outside factor. Stress is rarely visible to the naked eye, but impacts so many people in a variety of ways.

My encouragement to you, is to work on complimenting someone (especially women), by making note of an accomplishment or feature of their personality. Complimenting one’s appearance is often utilized by both men and women. In the right context, a physical compliment goes a long way, but when the body is breaking down, it’s deceiving and harmful to a person’s psyche. I know that uplifting words about my actions have gone a long way to encourage me in difficult times.

All this to say, I’ve got some goals to improve my physical health as a new season begins. I desire to feel physically fit, have more energy and have less stress in my life. I know these are healthy objectives regardless of my physical stature.


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