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Lately, I have been feeling stuck.

I’ve been coming down from a huge high of participating in a event that has consumed my time and energy for the last few years.

I came to the realization that our current city is only temporary for us.

My summer hasn’t felt much like summer because work had kept me very busy.

And, I am still trying to make friends in a new place.

Now what?

Last time I felt stuck like this, it was time to set some goals for myself. And, I think it’s that time again.

A few years after I left college, I finally got caught up in all the transitions. At first, it’s new and exciting to graduate college and move to new place and start a new job. But, then, I got to the point of, “Now, what?”.  I was no longer working towards goals of graduation and degrees. I wasn’t looking forward to anything and it felt as if my life was unraveling.

Now it’s four years later and a lot has changed: I’m married, I’m working in a new job, I am living in a new place and I’m at another point in my life where I need to re-focus and start anew.

One of the biggest changes in life is the partner I now have by my side through everything. I was never the type to feel compelled to need someone. Sure, I wished for it sometimes, but I was still content, achieving goals, buying my first car and home, etc on my own.

And then, in the most unexpected way (and one of the biggest unexpected blessings, for which this blog is named), this guy came into my life. I don’t know how to say it without it sounding cliche, but he became my best friend and the person I wanted to share everything with. He drew out emotions and personality that had always been there, but that I couldn’t previously express. He was pretty smitten with me, too. 😉

This was one of the best changes and though it took some time to adjust, I can’t imagine going through the rest of the changes without him!

Now that we are in a new stage in our lives, it feels like I’m staring over. It’s so difficult sometimes, but it’s also necessary to grow as a person and to pursue the dreams that we desire for our lives.

I made this list last summer and I think it’s time to get going on some of these items, like this one:

Rekindle my desire to play the guitar.

My guitar is just sitting in my office at work. So many people ask me about it and every time they do, I just sigh.

I need to make time for it, because I remember the joy it had brought to my life.

So, here’s to moving forward and doing something that I love! Hopefully this is one step in the right direction to get “unstuck”! Your encouragement is appreciated!

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