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The Joy of a Favorite Recipe (#write31days – Day 14)

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I find joy in cooking and preparing meals. I definitely was taught the basics of cooking by my parents, but the enjoyable part for me is exploring and experimenting along the way.

I started off with pretty basic cooking for myself, but always was looking for new recipes. When I got married and we split up the chores, groceries and cooking were on my list because I enjoyed them.  My husband is perfectly capable of making a meal, although these days, it’s better if I do it if he wants to get a well-rounded one (It’s like he pretended to be a good cook when we were dating to impress me or something! 😉 ).

It takes time to plan, shop and prepare, but for the most part, it’s enjoyable.

I love that I have a file of recipes that I can cycle through every few weeks. And when the seasons change, the types of recipes change, too.

Last night I made my first batch of turkey chipotle chili.  So yummy! I love the favorite recipes that I know how to make by heart and are a perfect comfort food on a chilly fall evening!


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