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The Joy of Adventure! (#write31days – Day 21)

Today has been a joyful adventure! On Wednesday evening, I learned that my brother in law and his girlfriend were going to come and visit! They had traveled to Niagara Falls from Michigan and were continuing south because they wanted to hike in some mountains! When they learned we didn’t live that far away, they decided to make the trek our way!

While I am not very good at spontaneity myself, I mostly appreciate it in my husband and his family. They are “free spirited/fly by the seat of their pants” sort of people, which drives me bonkers as a planner/time keeper, but also takes me out of my comfort zone in a good way, enhancing my ability to let go and have fun!

So for the last 24 hours here’s a sampling of what we have done:

  • Camping;
  • Bonfire;
  • Played Dutch Blitz – one of my favorite card games that we taught them;
  • Visited an orchard: to pick apples, pumpkins and get some cider;
  • Ate BBQ;
  • Discovered an awesome winery/brewhouse that isn’t too far from where we live;
  • Drove through some gorgeous country side and;
  • Shot pumpkin cannons, went through a corn maze and went on this “Bee Line” zip line (pictured below)


All of the those activities except one were decided upon today. I had been wanting to go to an orchard for awhile and this was the day we had planned on, but how it happened was unexpected, fun and joyful because we got to take this adventure with family! Plus we discovered new, fun, activities within an hour’s drive of us to continue to explore on our own and when friends and family come to visit!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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