31 Days

The Joy of Children (#write31days – Day 30)

This afternoon we hosted our annual church Trunk or Treat event. Even though I help to facilitate it, it’s such a joy to participate. I love seeing the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes, gathering candy, playing games and having fun! I also love seeing all the kids at heart decorating their trunks and giving joy in serving the families that come onto our property.

Interacting with children, whether a church-wide event like Trunk or Treat or VBS, or the weekly chapel visits I get with the preschoolers, are some of my best memories/experiences.

I love the joy of children, because they are innocent, playful, full of imagination and curious.  Seeing life through the eyes of a child is much more joyful than the cynicism we adults tend to experience on a daily basis. They ask questions and help us see things through their perspective, which is full of hope, optimism and pure joy!

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Processed with MOLDIV

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