31 Days

The Joy of Dressing Up (#write31days – Day 29)

Whether the play closet in my childhood preschool/Kindergarten classroom, dressing up for a fancy event or carefully selecting and putting together a Halloween costume, I love to dress up!

I am a horrible actor, but thankfully dressing up for Halloween also doesn’t mean you always have to play the part. There’s so much fun in the imagination of putting together the costume (DIY versus just buying it packaged and ready).

Halloween was fun for me until about 8th grade. I don’t think I dressed up at all in high school, but instead enjoyed just handing out candy. Then in college, my sophomore year, our dorm hosted a trick or treat for community kids. We each had to come up with a theme. I am sure I maybe dressed up for that, but I don’t recall the specifics.

Working with kids in my job out of college, I found more opportunities to dress up than I expected, and it was fun! And then I got married and we came up with the idea of dressing up each year in couples costumes, all revolving my red hair!

This is year five of dressing up and it is always a scramble at the end of October to get our costumes ready to reveal at a party or Trunk or Treat. But it’s exciting and I love the anticipation and the fact that many friends like to find out what we come up with next!

And here’s the big reveal…


A holiday that is silly dress up and candy is one that I find a lot of joy!

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