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The Joy of Friendship (#write31days – Day 15)

It’s one of the best feelings to be able to be yourself without any hint of hesitation or concern what someone might think, right?

Yesterday, we got to travel to DC to visit with some friends and their family as they explored the city.

My friend, Cara, has been a lifetime friend. I can’t say that about too many people. But our families have known each other since we were three and we have been friends since we started school.

There is absolute joy in getting together and picking up where we last left off. It doesn’t matter if it’s been weeks or months since we last chatted or saw each other, it’s just a comfort to hang out.

They also live in the Midwest, and both my husband and I said to each other, that it felt like home was coming to us. I love sharing DC with friends from back home, and I love it even more when there are no relationship barriers to worry about.

When you friends have kids, the dynamics change, but they don’t change as people. I have the opportunity to see them within their children and it’s amazing! These little people are excited to see me and it’s wonderful to spend time with them too. Plus, seeing the city through a kid’s eyes is even more magical!

The one thing I failed to do is get a picture of this occasion! I get so wrapped up in the visit that I don’t think of it until the day is over. Regardless, it was a great day and time to share together!

Even though friendship is harder as adults, it’s worth every moment spent with people you really care about!

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Processed with MOLDIV

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