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The Joy of Jamberry (#write31days – Day 17)

You may be wondering how I can find joy in nail wraps, but it is so much more than that.

I went to a Jamberry area meeting yesterday and when asked how long I had been a consultant, I surprised myself when I realized it had been over 2 1/2 years!

This journey has gone by quickly, and not been easy, but joining Jamberry was a decision I did not realize I needed to make for my life.

Before joining, I did not have a good opinion of direct sales businesses, and unfortunately, there are still those who give us a bad name, but it was more than just selling a product. I joined a team, received support and had fun sharing a product that I really love!

Yesterday was a reminder that I still find joy in sharing Jamberry with others!  I’ve seen a lot of people join and quit the business, and I’ve learned that you have to be honest with yourself and what season you are in life as far as making the commitment and seeing the big picture. Using the common analogy, it’s definitely a marathon.  Through the ups and downs of it, I continue to ask the questions:

  1. Am I having fun? (This is a hobby where I make a little extra cash, so it should not be stressful!)
  2. Do I still love sharing Jamberry with others? (Absolutely! I love introducing these products to others and seeing the joy they have in wearing them!)

It’s interesting to me because my closest friends are not those who I talk about or share the product with. Strangers have become friends because we have a common bond of believing in this product. The people I have gotten to know in the business have become friends of a different sort and a support team that is providing constant encouragement in life and in the business.

Jamberry has 5 values, which I love:










I think I would add a 6th.. Be Joyful!


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