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The Joy of Learning (#write31days – Day 25)

Today I spent my time at a district conference. I typically most enjoy these conferences for the opportunity to re-connect with ministry friends and acquaintances and meet new people as well. The theme/topic doesn’t usually matter to me, and in fact, this time around, I had not even had a chance to take a glance beforehand.

Turns out, that the content and presenter were excellent and I took furious notes as I digested the material he was presenting.

So far in this series I have share joy in teaching and opportunity, but along with both of those is learning.

There is great joy for me in re-learning something I’ve heard before. Of course, learning something new is always great for my internal processing, too. And I had plenty of time on my drive home to digest it.

I won’t share all my notes, but I will share a few of the key takeaways that made me pause.

The topic was the new missionary age we are in now and the challenge was to look at Jesus being in charge vs. the Church being in charge. 

Our paradigm is church: it should be world. 

Recalculation: The Great Commission – Matthew 28

 To whom was it given?
What is its purpose?
For whom was it given?

 Can we choose to serve as elect outsiders once again? Can we learn to live and serve in a world in which Christians are not in charge?

“God does not work with the living; He works with the resurrected dead.” 

It’s this sort of experience, which challenges me and provokes me to think through questions that provide joy in my desire to keep learning!

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Processed with MOLDIV

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