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The Joy of Music (#write31days – Day 5)

I’ve written before about my love of playing handbells and how it has brought me joy.

But since each day this month, I am choosing to doing something joyful, I have to include this at least once.

Bell practice comes at the end of a very long day for me. Tuesdays are my day for meetings. I average 4-5 meetings every Tuesday, so I end up pretty tired by the end.

Going to play bells is a welcome relief. I am not in charge. I don’t have to speak up. I simply have the privilege of playing where I am needed (It’s fun to be a sub because I play in various positions). I’m valued as part of the group. My talent is lifted up. And, we have fun. Overall, it’s an encouraging experience after a long day.

Another bell related highlight for me these last few weeks, was getting to visit my previous church and listening to the bell choir play for a special service! For someone who does not spend enough time connected to music opportunities, I have come to better appreciate being a listener/player of music through my handbell experience.

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Processed with MOLDIV

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