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The Joy of Opportunity (#write31days – Day 24)

On Thursday, I had the joy and opportunity to gather with fellow professional church workers in northern VA for a monthly gathering. What made it even more special was that a friend of mine was sharing about her and her husband’s journey into becoming full-time missionaries to Uganda.

This morning we got to catch up again over coffee and it was a wonderful continuation of the conversation from the previous week.

I have had many friends enter the career path of short or long term missionary and I always latch on and am excited for their journey! I love the short-term missionary opportunities I have had in my own life experience and can relate to their desire to serve in this calling they have received.

Merriam-Webster defines opportunity this way:


Opportunities are favorable, positive, and a chance for progress.

I love opportunities to learn about something new, pray for someone, grow in a skill, travel to visit family and friends, etc… When I hear the word, “opportunity”, I hear actions that move me forward.

I am thankful for the opportunity to catch up with Megan and her husband, Mark. I pray for opportunities moving forward to connect with their ministry and support them through prayer right now.

If you want to learn more about their journey, check them out at Mission Minded Manteys. You have the opportunity for pray for them, too, and to learn more about their journey and how you can support them.

There is much joy in opportunity because it is favorable in our life’s journey, even if we don’t know the next steps. What opportunities are on your path right now? How can you take advantage of those opportunities?

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