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The Joy of Productivity (#write31days – Day 22)

It is rare that I get a Saturday at home.

My job in a church requires me to be available on Saturdays and Sundays, which is why I take Fridays off.

I rarely work the full day, but a morning class or afternoon commitment to serve in worship and it’s challenging to get much else done because my day is scheduled around work.

I had a full, restful Sabbath yesterday, and no commitment at church today, which left a rare open Saturday for around the house chores/errands that happen rather infrequently.

It felt wonderful to sleep in a bit, and then make a task list for the next couple of days. (I’ve learned that if my list is too big for one day, I get overwhelmed and then don’t get as much done.)

I got to catch up with a couple of hours on my direct sales business, change the oil in my car, do some meal planning for the week and grocery shop.

It was a productive day, with each completed item bringing me joy, without the rush of moving on to the next task or the stress of trying to get too much done.

I can end my day knowing that it was productive and enjoyable: a wonderful combination.

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Processed with MOLDIV

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