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The Joy of Running (#write31days – Day 11)

You know your a runner when…

I’ve had that conversation with lifetime runners and those who wouldn’t give themselves that label, but yet, are running right beside me!

I’ve always given myself this label and been proud of it. I’ve certainly had my seasons where I’ve stepped away, but when I get back into it, it’s like reconnecting with an old friend.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes: they span generations; and whether they have been at it for awhile or just starting out, there is a common bond and understanding about the ritual.

Fall is my absolute favorite season to run. Perhaps because it’s my favorite season or maybe because it takes me back to my favorite competition: cross country.

The cooler weather (which is preferred by most runners); the changing leaves crunching under your spikes; a team spaghetti dinner followed by high school football; the EARLY Saturday morning bus rides to the meets, etc…

I know, I know….we are the sport that is used as punishment for other sports. And then there is the ridiculous conversation I’ve had about if running is a sport…don’t get me started.

Anyway, my planned morning run yesterday did not happen. So, I kept telling myself throughout the day that I would run when I got home, before the sunset. I was picking up Chipotle for dinner and it would be a great treat after the run.

And then I was late….and there was traffic…and the sun had already set. But, I DID run! I always say, “I never regret a morning run.”, but I think I could change it to, “I never regret a run!”  It gets my blood pumping, clears my head and provides a way to exercise, so it’s all good!

Since my husband and I met, we have done one race a year together. We thought we might not get one in for 2016, until I realized that it didn’t have to be a 10k or half-marathon, it could be something shorter and more realistic for our schedules and ability to commit. So, before bed, I signed us up for a Thanksgiving Day 5k! Once I’ve signed up for a race and have a goal in mind, I am much more motivated to train. Looking forward to starting off that holiday right!

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