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The Joy of Teaching (#write31days – Day 10)

One of the pure joys I have in my job is teaching middle school students. (Yes, I said it.) I am sure it would be much tougher in an actual middle school/junior high setting, so I give props to those who teach in that environment on a daily basis. I remember middle school for myself and it was brutal. Perhaps that is part of the reason I am so understanding of that age group…because I sympathize with the challenge of puberty and enjoy the light-hearted fun they bring to the table.

My interaction comes with middle school students and their parents as they learn about faith in God and understanding what it means to follow Jesus. I only get a taste of life with them, which reminds me to pray for them and for their families, as they change and grow busier with the pressure of school and extracurricular activities.

I enjoy the planning of the lesson and the interaction that comes with teaching something new and engaging them in activities that keep them learning and growing. They don’t always express if they are having fun, but hearing positive feedback from parents that their kids enjoyed the experience is always encouraging!

I understand that the time spent with them is precious and the commitment they are making is a big one….so my prayer is that they would also value their experience in connecting with God and in the faith community!

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