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The Right Side of 30

I love football. I love it so much that I play fantasy football. So on any given day, I am listening to a podcast or watching highlights from the previous weekend’s line up of games. In football talk, when referring to a running back that is beginning to age out of playing professionally they say, “He’s on the wrong side of 30.” It’s ironic because they aren’t even old, but for what they are doing, that is the bar.

Turning 30 was a great celebration for me last year. So many surprises from friends near and far which left lasting memories. I had no qualms and was excited for a new decade. But 30 has been what I though it would be. Minor health issues plagued me most of the year. My spouse and I had some big life transitions that impacted me in challenging ways, which have taken time to process and understand. There were some bumps in the road at my job. Perhaps all normal for a trip around the sun, but it was tough.

Some people don’t like their birthdays. I am not sure why, because there is so much to celebrate with each individual on his/her special day!  I, on the other hand, love this day for myself. As I turn 31 today, I am looking forward to pressing the “Refresh” button.


I don’t believe one more year into this decade is “the wrong side” of anything.  I see it as more opportunities to do life, to love and to keep learning more about myself and the vast world around me to explore!

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