31 Days

The Simplicity of a Saturday Morning (#write31days-Day 28)

There’s something about Saturday morning.

Whether you are up early for kids sporting events or got to sleep in after a night out on Friday, it’s a different sort of day.

Even if you are on your way to work, the roads are less packed with hurried people who’ve got someplace to be.

In the fall, the temps are cooler and the changing leaves crunch under your feet as you walk your dog or get in that morning run.

Brewing coffee, pj’s, pancakes and cartoons fill the house with wonderful bliss.

“Weekend” is certainly a wonderful term for many of us because it’s days or even hours at a time for rest. Even with the same responsibilities at home, the pace is more relaxed.

There is always a to do list, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t all get done.

The simplicity of a Saturday morning gives me hope that everything will be OK. Another day of God’s goodness, a chance to slow down and moments to dream.



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