The Voice on the Other End

I have discussed my disdain for talking on the phone in previous posts, I am sure of it.

But for some reason, it’s a dislike that I continue to analyze and desire to figure out how to take advantage of, because it’s an important tool to connect with far away friends and family.

I like talking on the phone if it means I get to catch up with an old friend, or I get to set a date to see someone when I am in town. But phone calls are also one of those things I will procrastinate until I HAVE to do them.

As an introvert, whether it’s face to face or on the phone, I have to prepare what I am going to say. Sounds kind of strange, but as you may have learned in the Small Talk Series, this introvert thinks ALOT before speaking.

There are mainly two options that can occur when you make a phone call:

1) The person on the other end of the line answers.

2) A voicemail recording comes on and you have to leave a message.

I have to prepare for both of those things to happen and it’s not always easy if I’m talking to someone I haven’t talked to in a long time or I am not ready with what to say.

Whether I am making the call or someone is calling me, once a voice is heard I can continue with normal conversation.

The voice. What’s connected to the voice?

That voice is someone I care about. That voice is someone I know and love and loves me back. That voice provides comfort if I am feeling uneasy, or brings back a flood of good memories.


The voice on the other end will talk to me whether I know what to say or not. Even if I trip over my words or there are silent pauses, they are there with me and appreciate the connection.

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