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Thicker Skin

I had one of those days at work last week, where I had to accept criticism.

Now, in most cases, I don’t mind it.

It’s never easy to accept criticism, but I’ve learned that if it is constructive, I can learn from it, grow and move forward.

However, when I am criticized simply because of someone’s preferences, and there is no opening for improvement, that is hard to swallow.

If you know me, you know the type of work I am involved with. Many jobs require the development of thicker skin, and mine is one of them. It’s not something I have to put forth on a regular basis, but when situations arise, I have learned to toughen up a bit.

I have been in this career for a short amount of time comparable to many I know, but I am not so new that I haven’t figured out the types of situations where thicker skin is needed.

It’s difficult, because I try to handle each situation with grace, whether I am directly involved, or simply trying to solve an issue among others. But various personalities speak differently, some very passive aggressive and some just plain blunt.

I am thankful that these moments are few and far between, but I am also thankful that I have developed the ability to handle constructive criticism that helps me to develop, and the less than helpful displeased attitude, that sometimes just simply, is part of the job.

Most importantly, I am thankful that I can give the worry and frustration up to God and he will take care of me and those that I serve!

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