Too many ideas

What do you do when you have too many ideas and you don’t know how to organize them?

I’m at that point as I try to establish a better flow in my daily routine. There are so many things I want to do on a daily or every other day basis, but it’s trying to fit it all in (or recognize that I need to rearrange).

I love my mornings and find a lot of my creative time in the quiet. I don’t like being rushed out the door and I want to fill the time better. I also want to go to bed at a decent hour so that morning time is possible.

Here is a list of everything I would love to accomplish in my day (beyond working, eating, traveling, errands, etc….):

  1. Exercise (If not everyday, at least 3 times a week, for at least 30 minutes) – Right now this is visits to the gym for weightlifting with my husband. I would like to add in runs once the weather has cooled off. I have found I have to exercise in the morning. I have too many evening activities at work and I live too far away to try and come home and do it midday.
  2. 3 pages of stream of consciousness – I learned about “morning pages” in an article about creativity. It sounds like a great way to remove the thoughts that consume me negatively when I first wake up, to make room for positive, encouraging thoughts to move me forward.
  3. 30 minutes of devotion time, which would include:
                Reading scripture
                Gratitude journal – Listing 3-5 things I am thankful for each day.
                Praying for friends & neighbors
  4. Write a blog post (If not every day, 3 times a week)
  5. 30 minutes of reading for pleasure, 3 times a week (something I’ve really gotten away from in recent years and would like to return to)
  6. Bedtime before 11pm every night (which means lights off, screens off)

While perhaps unrealistic (tell me I am wrong), the first three items on the list are things I would love to do in the morning before I left for work.

How would you order them?

I would love to hear your daily routines and find out how you figured out what does and doesn’t work best for you.  What activities do you do first? What have you moved to a different time in your day because it works better?

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  • Michelle

    I hear you about needing to find new rhythms for daily/weekly routines. I often feel like that at the beginning of the school year season (even though I’m not in school anymore!) and again in January and the beginning of summer. Good reflection times. This year it is heightened by my new responsibilities and need for new rhythms there too.

    Want to schedule a coaching time? I’ll bring the questions. You’ll find the answers. 🙂

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