unexpected blessings

UB of the Week

My unexpected blessing for this week comes from a meeting with a new friend.

After going to a few different meet ups with my husband that related to his interests, I realized that I had been slacking on my own hobbies.

We ran with a group, which was really great, but it was important to pick back up some hobbies that I had thrown to the side because I didn’t have the time or energy.

So, I found a Saturday writing meet up and this was the only Saturday I could go in April, so I had to try it. I checked it out online and only 1 other person was coming. I wasn’t sure, but at the same time it was great for this introvert to slide into a comfortable place if it was just one on one.

Well, it ended up being a great hour spent talking at the library with a new friend! Neither of us had ever been to this meet up, so we just talked about life, and the stories we desired to write.

I got some great advice and encouragement and I shared some of my own thoughts when she asked for my advice.

It was a great pick me up and an amazing conversation! So unexpected, but such a blessing and encouragement to me both in my life, relationships and pursuit of my love of writing!

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