Unexpected Blessing of the week

When I revamped my blog awhile back, I explained the title, which can be found here: Intro to Unexpected Blessings.

Each week, I would like stay true to the theme of this blog and share an unexpected blessing that I experienced, or perhaps share a story of one that has brought me to where I am in life now.

I encourage you to think about the unexpectedness in your own life and how it has blessed and provided for you or those around you.

This week, I received a phone call about a possible job follow up and while it did not necessarily surprise me, it was unexpected how excited the employer was to conduct a follow up interview. I am confident in God’s assurance that it is possible for me to continue to work in this field/career that I am so passionate and skilled to work in. (Previously, I had doubted, and felt discouraged, but more on that later.)

So, what surprised you and brought you joy this past week?

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