unexpected blessings

Unexpected Blessing of the Week

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, I experienced quite the “Unexpected Blessing.”  I was driving to worship and the sun was rising in the East. It wasn’t directly in my eye, but in an instance I caught a glimpse. It was red and gold and just so sharp that it caught me off guard. It was so beautiful. And in that moment, I felt God’s presence and I was overcome with emotion.

But that’s not all…

Just a few minutes later, I had switch to the local Christian radio station, and one of my favorite songs came on the radio (Christ is Risen – the one I posted about previous). It’s great for Easter, but since our Easter celebration is year round, it’s just a great, uplifting song!

Those two moments right in a row, were unexpected, but truly a great blessing to start off my Easter day!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my monthly link up and then on Wednesday, a special shout out to some friends and a project they are looking to fund!

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