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“Welcome Home!”

I am excited to share with you about my trip to the Holy Land, which I experienced just about a month ago. 

This weekend was my first one back with my local community of believers. It’s the best way to explain how I plan to approach what I share with you. 

While “Welcome Home” is a sentiment many of you have and will say to me, it’s actually the first thing our tour guide said to us when we got on the bus in Israel. 

The Holy Land is where God created humanity, therefore it is our home. It’s the place where Jesus was born, taught and died, therefore it’s a place we are called to learn more about.  

While not everyone will get the opportunity in their lifetime to visit the Holy Land, I want to encourage you to take the next step in learning about this place and the impact it has on your personal relationship with Jesus. I invite you to explore the Holy Land as your home in your own faith journey. 

My faith walk has been forever changed by a visit to this place and I am excited to share with you more about it in the coming days, weeks and months. This won’t just be a presentation of photos taken and knowledge learned, but for you to discover how these places and people that we read about in the Bible are more than just stories. Their faith journey’s impact our own. 

And if you ask me about my favorite part of the trip, I will probably give each of you a different answer! I am still processing, reflecting and gathering my thoughts and will be for sometime. 

This rings true for the coming weeks and months. I am excited to continue to explore the impact this experience has had, and will continue to have on my personal relationship with Jesus. 


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