What Did I Used to Enjoy?

Question #2: What did I used to enjoy doing that I do less often or not at all now?

I used to love going to the movies. Now, granted, I didn’t pay for them because I worked at the theater, but that shouldn’t keep me away! I have found myself getting excited when I see a trailer and then talking myself out of going because I can’t find a good time or I have no one to go with. Well, as an introvert, I don’t mind doing activities by myself. Next time I get really excited about a movie, I am going to enjoy the recliners in the theater 5 minutes from my house! How often will I go? Well, if I really want to see something, I will put it on my calendar right away! Plus, now that I don’t work at Regal anymore and am a member of their rewards program, I can enjoy $2 popcorn Tuesdays!

I used to love to read. I have mentioned this before, but I have an additional thought to share. Yes, college slightly ruined reading for me, but so did smart phones. I am much more easily distracted by playing silly little games on my phone/iPad, when I could easily spend time diving into a good book. I continue to set a goal to read more each new year and I have yet to really pursue it. I remember the days of old where I would grab a stack of books from the library for the summer reading program and devour them before they were due. While I may not have as much time to do that now, I definitely have the time and I definitely desire to learn more and be taken away from reality (in a good way).

Travel. I still do it, but I could do it way more. I mostly only travel at holidays to see family and friends, or for work. I only occasionally go on a trip just because, and I want to take advantage of that opportunity much more. Soon, there will be a date on the calendar for a trip with a dear friend after Easter, so I can look forward to that!

I used to participate in various music groups. I own a guitar (actually two) and I never play anymore. People come into my office and admire and ask, and I while I know how to play, it’s not something I have actively pursued in a while. I don’t have a group or venue to play in, which keeps me accountable and encourages learning new songs. Something to think about. I also used to play in a handbell choir. I loved it in both of my previous congregations, but my current one is filled, so there hasn’t been the opportunity to participate. Perhaps I will ask about the possibility of a 2nd group if there are others like me that want to play. I really miss it and would love to participate again!

What did you used to enjoy doing that you would like to start again?

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