What do I Enjoy Now?

Question #1: What do I enjoy now? (Not what do I wish I were doing or want to do, that will come later)

Writing on this blog. Getting back into regular writing and posting in October was a rejuvenating act. It was a reminder that I do have a gift of writing and it is a vehicle to express my thoughts and emotions in a fulfilling way. I am going to keep on blogging, but also explore other ways to utilize my gift of writing.

Watching Football. This season has been a bit rough and is nearing an end, so I need to be reminded of other activities that I enjoy when it is no longer football season.

Exercise. It’s much harder for me to get into a routine in winter, but I am working towards a consistent 3 days a week of running. I don’t have another race scheduled yet, but I desire to have a routine without having an event in the future to keep me going.

Cooking. Although it is a necessity to feed myself and my husband, I also enjoy trying new recipes. There is joy in putting ingredients together to make something that is delicious and healthy. With each year, my diet seems to become more selective, so I am glad for the opportunity to be adventurous in cooking and eating new meals.

Listening to Podcasts. Thankfully I am given the opportunity to enjoy this pastime every single day on my commute to and from work. The range of podcasts I listen to include: fantasy football, real life crime/cases (Serial & Undisclosed); Food-related discussion, This American Life and then some random topics. It’s been my fill of knowledge and pleasure since I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to.

This may seem like a full plate of activity, but I feel limited and would like to expand my repertoire.

What do you enjoy doing now?

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