31 Days

What Do You See? (#write31days-Day 2)

I heard a wonderful children’s message yesterday at church that gave me hope in how I see people everyday.

This little coin was shared with each child. The front and back together share a quote from Mother Theresa, but that’s not the part of the message I resonated with.

I don’t remember the exact words spoken, but the pastor had the children look through the coin and asked, “What do you see?”

He shared how when we look at someone through the cross, we can be reminded that Jesus died for that person. The ways we often judge someone: skin color, economic status, clothing or how they look are non-factors for Jesus. His love knows no boundaries.

This message brought the Law and the Gospel to me. It reminded me that often times I see those around me in a lesser light. I treat people differently because they have a perspective different than mine or a personality that’s difficult for me to confront.

But the Gospel message is that Jesus loves and died for everyone, including me. I am as imperfect as the person right next to me, but still we are both loved equally and unconditionally.

Jesus died for leaders in our country and around the world…
Jesus died for pro athletes…
Jesus died for that friend on social media we had a heated debate with…
Jesus died for that family member who is struggling with a personal battle…
Jesus died for me.

Although it’s quite difficult on a daily basis, I am going to be hopeful when I think about seeing people through the cross of Christ, loved just as I am.



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