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What Inspires Me? (April Edition)

It may be spring, but it’s still chilly here on the East Coast! Here is some inspiration that encourages me and hopefully gets you excited too!

I’ve found a new blog about running and food…it’s awesome! My husband actually found it first, so I will give him credit. NeverHomemaker has some great link ups, too!

My husband and I are in a training competition where with each test we have to run 2 miles, and do as many sit ups and push ups as we can.  I HATE push ups. I have never been good at them, and so this is a good challenge for me. So this piece on the Perfect Pushup, is quite appropriate for my motivation.

Here’s a project that I truly believe in: Walking Man. You don’t come across these everyday, but when you know the people behind them and their intentions, it’s exciting to be a part of the process! You can be a part of the process, too. Invest in a project that seeks to educate and help those who experience mental illness and those who support them! I will write more about this in an upcoming post!

After a not so great start to my April 1st, this article from Lifehacker was a great pick me up! Just the idea that websites and companies try this is pretty great!

The introvert in me loves this post simply for the title! Are You Caring for the Introverts in Your Youth Ministry? is something that I have struggled with in leading youth. I tend to pay more attention to the extroverts, but why do I do that? How can we be more aware and care for the introverts, too?

TV Watching:
I am well into season 2 of Felicity right now and loving it! I love that I can go back to shows I watched in high school and watch them at my leisure! It’s how I spend a lot of my time when I am not at work.

Short and sweet, but March was crazy and April will be too! What are you into and what inspires you this month? Comment, please!

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  • HopefulLeigh

    The training competition with your husband sounds insane. I mean, intense. 😉 Better you than me!

    I just found the second season of Felicity at a used bookstore! I'm so excited to reexperience one of my favorite shows.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

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