What Inspires Me? (December Edition)

As the month of November end, here is what inspires me as we approach the busy Christmas season in December.

Two for the Price of One:
4 Lessons Running Can Teach You About Writing – This title caught my eye as an avid runner! I love when two things I enjoy go together and teach me something new!

Shaved Head Support for Pagano – Here’s a team truly inspired by their coach. Of course, I have a bias, because this is my home team! Way to support your leader!
Offline line: How’s it Going? -This man gave up the internet for a year! Yes, I am intrigued!

What I Wish My Civilian Friends Knew: A Letter from a Military Wife – A dear friend is going through this now, and I hope reading this letter will help me be the friend/support she needs!

Best from the Introverts:
From Two to One presents: Life on the Balancing Beam (aka being an INTJ) – Meyers-Briggs absolutely fascinates me related to my personality type, as well as others in my career field, so of course I am interested in what she has to say!

Once I am awake, I am a morning person. You understand this statement if you share the love of morning. Here’s some tips if you want to join the odd group of us who love that time when the world is still asleep! 10 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Annoyingly Helpful:
More than I would like to admit, I am a people pleaser. My husband passed this article on to me, probably because he noticed how much I stress about taking care of others’ needs.  Stop Being a People Pleaser

At what point does a person get old? Quote

It doesn’t get much more raw and honest than this: Legendary Punter Ray Guy Frustrated but Resigned that He’s Not in Hall of Fame

Oh my gosh, these bring back some childhood memories! I love to reminisce! Things You Will Never See Again in Your Life

Why do we need more stuff, when we see pictures like this of what can happen when Mother Nature reigns down upon the earth? This takes the repulsive message behind Black Friday and challenges us to rethink our perspective.

This month, I am linking this post up at HopefulLeigh. Check it out!

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  • the Blah Blah Blahger

    I've been teaching myself to be a morning person and I loved the link to Real Simple. Some of those tips don't work right now (no sunshine in the morning!), but I do squeeze in morning workouts before work. Packing my bag the night before helps and since I know I won't be rushed, I snuggle into bed a little more relaxed at night. Also, when I feel my eyes start to close on their own, I just go ahead and shut off the tv…that's what DVR is for!

  • HopefulLeigh

    The morning person tips were interesting but styling my hair at night would definitely not work for me at all! My hair is a wreck when I wake up, no matter what I've tried over the years. I've actually been waking up earlier the last few weeks and it's been good for me, though I still like hibernating in my bed for as long as I possibly can.

    Thanks for linking up!

  • emily

    Yea. I love my mornings so much more if I've packed lunches and picked out what to wear.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and providing the link up opportunity!

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