What Inspires Me? (February Edition)

I am linking up with Leigh Kramer for this month’s “What Inspires Me?” You won’t be hearing from me much for the rest of the month because I am working on a big project that hopefully I will be able to share more about in the near future!

For such a short month, there were some memorable things that happened and so many great learnings and conversations!

Most Powerful:
I enjoy posts from Rage Against the Minivan and this one is no different. What a powerful message being sent about people’s ignorance.

Best Grammar Lesson:
Two Spaces or One? was an interesting read because I learned to write with two spaces and had to quickly adapt to another form of writing when I got to college. It was interesting to see what changed, or perhaps that I learned differently than what was proper/professional.

Best Way to Beat Winter Doldrums:
Doesn’t look like it’s going to be getting warm anytime soon, so why not just embrace it and snuggle up to some good movies: Netflix Picks to Watch Tonight

Best Discovery:
The discovery of websites dedicated to redheads, like this one, Ginger Parrot, have made my life abundantly sweeter.

Most Awesome Follow-up Piece:
Lego Ad Girl All Grown Up and she has got something to say. Pretty cool.

Best Practice of Witnessing:
Preparing Elevator Speeches is a good reminder and challenge to know what we believe and be able to convey it in the amount of time we may spend on an elevator. The moments we have for God to plant seeds may be years or may be fleeting.

Best Advice on Daily Practice:
Banishing my phone from my Bedside is good advice and good practice.

Best Honest Church Discussions:
Donald Miller post I Don’t Worship God by Singing, I Connect with him Elsewhere, went viral and got a lot of feedback.

And the follow up:
So he responded with: Why I don’t Go to Church Very Often and allowed for honest thinking and conversation to occur.

 5 Things Christians Should Know About Depression & Anxiety is a good read considering the stigma placed upon these even within the church.

Most Looking Forward to Checking Out:
I’m a fan of discovering speakers, books and opportunities to help me grow as a person. I cant wait to check out 12 Must-See Ted Talks for Purposeful Women 


House of Cards Season 2 – As someone shared and I agreed: I have a no spoiler policy in all social media. Just watch it, it’s brilliant.

How I Met Your Mother – Genius that they have turned an entire season into events from one weekend. It’s pretty great.

On my blog:
Drugs are not OK was my response to the death of PSH. It was the culmination of sadness for so many recent celebrity deaths and idea that somehow it’s all part of the celebrity culture. But so many “normal” people live with addiction and it’s a life-long battle.

Build Your Kingdom Here is my new favorite worship song. A powerful message that God always has and always will be present in this earthly life.   



  • Erica Layne

    Hi Emily! This looks like such a fantastic list. I’m excited to check out some of the links and poke around your blog more, too. Thank you so much for including my post about TED talks – Looks like I am in good company!

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