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What Inspires Me? (January Edition)

It’s 2013! Well, close enough!

What will inspire me this year?

Here are a few items to provoke my thoughts, usher in creativity and hopefully provide a fresh look at the days ahead!

Best Use of Time:
Another good idea from my husband (he has a lot, but don’t tell him I said that or his ego might shoot through the roof). This sounds very practical, but also a way to stay creative in a world where it’s easy to get fried by the daily work routine. Give Yourself an Hour a Week to Work on Unnecessary Projects to Boost Creativity

Best Response to Bad Theology:
I’m not going to post a million links regarding the tragedy of Sandy Hook. But these particular articles put into perspective several headlines that I had read and cringed at; Fierce Debate:Where Was God? This question is often asked after tragedy, but why don’t we recognize that God is always with us, but evil and free will still exist in our world?  Also, this one: God is Here?

Most Helpful this Season:
Winter is my least favorite month, too, so I can relate to this post  from Modern Mrs Darcy and plan to use the helpful tips! Coming to Terms with Winter Now That the Holidays are Over

Best Birthday Thoughts:
36 Birthday Pearls A neat way to express thoughts of love on your special day. I may have to try this in the future!

Best Documentaries:
I can always count on this blog to provide the best of the year in various categories. It makes me want to plop down on the couch and have a movie marathon! Best Documentaries of 2012

Best Motivation to Keep a New Year’s Resolution:
Who wants to just go for a run? Boring! But an app that pits your against zombies, while running? Yes, please! Zombies, Run

Best Confirmation that I’m Definitely a Writer:
This first one reaffirms the feelings I have as a writer, it’s comforting. The Beautiful Stupidity of Writing (Part 1)
This second one, More on the Beautiful Stupidity of Writing (Part 2) has some really great tips from the author from his publishing experience, which I hope to more seriously pursue in 2013. (Someone hold me to that, please.)

I’m linking up here again this month, so check it out!

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