What Inspires Me? (June edition)

Oh my goodness it’s almost June! Summer is here and my life isn’t any less busy! Oh well, just going to keep chugging along and enjoy every minute! Here’s what has brought me inspiration, how about you?

Most Inspiring:
Came across this video on a friend’s Facebook page. Wow. It’s 22 minutes, but absolutely worth taking a break from whatever you are doing & watching. What an amazing person and story. He had a dream and he pursued it. I only hope that I could remain this positive in the midst of a difficult situation. It was real and everything wasn’t perfect, but everyone was authentic.

Most Relevant:
Alise-Write is a blogger I discovered through a few other bloggers. She has a great series right now called, “The Christians Guide to Atheists”, which I think is helpful to those of us who personally know non-believers and for anyone, who just wants a better understanding so they can listen and share the Gospel, both through words and actions.

Here is another great post from her in response to the tornado that hit Moore, OK and the difficulty to blame/praise God when tragedy strikes.

Most Popular:
I know a lot of people read Rachel Held Evans, so I don’t usually highlight her posts, but she gave a “Mixed Faith” couple the opportunity to answer her readers’ questions, and they got tons of great questions and I liked reading their responses. Whether you agree with them or not, it is definitely a good Q&A to check out!

Most-Talked About:
This is an ironic subtitle, considering the series I am currently talking about on my blog is titled, Small Talk.  But nonetheless, I’ve gotten great feedback from friends and readers, so check it out! I’ve posted about the weather, and the newest of small talk topics…Facebook status, among others. Next up with be the dreaded, “Elevator talk”.

Just Fun:
I don’t usually include music on here, but Daft Punk came out with a new album…they are one of my husband’s favorite bands and I have grown to love them through visits to DEMF, listening to their albums on repeat and their appearance in TRON.

I’ve linked up with HopefulLeigh again this month so check out her post on “What I’m into” and the others who have also linked up!

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  • HopefulLeigh

    Alise is one of my favorite people! So glad you've discovered her writing. I thought she and Jason did a great job for RHE's Ask A Mixed Faith Couple.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

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