What Inspires Me? (May Edition)

March and April were not only during the season of Lent, which is already a busy time in my work life, but some major things happened in my life! (Hence the lack of blogging in recent weeks).

But so much has happened to inspire me and move into the month of May flowers!

I am linking up with Leigh Kramer this month! Check out her blog here:




A great article on storytelling that also involves Ryan Gosling. How could it get any better?

Love this simple yet important way to create momentum in your marriage.

I became a Jamberry Nails consultant! I certainly was not expecting to get this involved, but I really love this new product and am excited to share it with others! Only this one plug, I promise! Check them out and whether you are a girly girl or not, there is much variety for everyone!

Lotus jamicure



HIMYM – No spoilers here! Ok, spoiler alert (at least I warned you!)…Like this interview from the perspective of one of the actors!

GOT – Now I understand this acronym and have joined the ranks of followers…except I have’t quite caught up yet. My husband and I have learned not to look at Twitter the evenings a new one airs. People are terrible at giving away spoilers without warning! But love the intro music, characters and plot twists and turns!


Unexpected Blessings:

dry soil and growing plant

I led a mission trip to an area impacted by Hurricane Sandy and in great need of volunteer help to aid in building new homes and finding a new normal. It was a great experience and I look forward to being able to share the experience with the rest of our congregation!

Um, this item got marked off my bucket list. Yea, that’s right…I wrote a book! Crazy. I told you March and April were crazy months. I wasn’t kidding. Short story: Collaborated with a Christian publishing house to create new content for a high school graduation devotional due to come out in Winter/Spring 2015. I will defintely share more when it comes out. It was a humbling and enjoyable experience and look forward to there hopefully being a next time!


On the Blog:

Pretty quiet these last few months, due to the endeavor of writing a BOOK, busyness at work and a move to a new apartment. But I shared this post after I was consumed by the tragic death of a near stranger.

I also wrote about the poor after the build up of a lot of news stories that I was very disappointed about how Christians were portrayed.

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