What Inspires Me? (May Edition)

April was quite a month.  As a life long runner, the events of April 15 didn’t scare me away from what I love to do, it only gave me resolve to keep going. And there are so many other inspiring stories that are pushing me into May!


NPR presents an story from a runner that I can relate to. Runners Dig in Their Heels: ‘We Can Endure Alot’. Those words are oh so very true.

This post from Rage Against the Minivan, titled, What You Can Do, gives a real picture of a global problem, orphans, and provides ways that anyone can help. I love posts like this, which are real and practical. Adoption isn’t the only way to help orphaned kids. I love to advocate for a cause that is important simply through volunteering my time and gifts, it should be that way for everything.

This world lost a great man and writer, Roger Ebert. The writer in me is inspired by the way he wrote and that he had a purpose.

I appreciated this post about obligations as a faith blogger from a newly discovered blogger. I am thankful to live in a country where I have freedom to speak and write and that I can have conversations with others who have that freedom, even if we disagree.

On Making Friends:
We’ve been in this new place for awhile, and friendships look different depending on various elements. Adult friendships require more work, as I am learning and I need to be more intentional.

Here are some more tips on making friends in a new city. We are doing a lot of these things already, so I just have to give it time and understand that it’s going to look different than college or being rooted somewhere for several years.

On Productivity:
As an introvert, this makes total sense, but I can always use some new motivation in staying productive in my alone time!

What does it really mean when you tell people, “I’m busy.” I am certainly guilty of saying this instead and not defining it for myself. This article provides some questions to ask and a check list to keep you in check!

It’s amazing how much out ability to focus has changed with advanced technology. This piece provided some perspective on the benefits of unplugging. Yet another things I need to try!

I love to learn and this article provides some great tips for learning on your own. There are so many opportunities to learn individually and in groups for no cost and it’s great way to make friends!

TV Watching:

I just finished Season 4 of Felicity and I surely don’t remember the ridiculousness that happened at the end of the series. It was a little disappointing, I have to say. I am not sure I had actually ever seen season 4, because I definitely didn’t remember all that! It was a good watch, seasons 2 & 3 were my favorite, but what should I watch next?

Since there is only 13 episodes in the first season of House of Cards, it didn’t take anytime to finish it and we are hooked! One episode inspired this post and I heard they are back filming season 2 in our town of Baltimore!

I’ve linked up again this month to HopefulLeigh! Check her out, as well as the others who have shared “What they are into” this month!

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  • HopefulLeigh

    Lots of great links here! I just finished rewatching season 2 of Felicity and plan on rewatching the other seasons. Season 4 definitely went in a weird direction at the end but I still love that show. I'm watching Big Love for the first time and plan on watching Friday Night Lights and Veronica Mars next.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

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