30 Days of Thanks

What Inspires Me? (November Edition) – #2

On this 2nd day of November, I am thankful for things that inspires me. Specifically, this includes people, who I don’t even know that use their gifts of writing to share via blog/articles and that inspire me to express my gifts!

Below is my monthly edition of What Inspires Me!

Great Visual:
RSA Shorts: The Power of Quiet is a great look at the power of E’s and I’s working TOGETHER. My desire to promote the introvert identity, also includes expressing my appreciation for the gifts of the extrovert. Just thinking if we constantly worked together for the good of those around us!

In The Pen is Mightier, Sarah Sentilles discusses how women writers are viewed today, one example is how we have taken a step back in history in regard to voices being heard on the internet. It reminds of a time when women authors took male pen names to get their writing/books out there and taken seriously.

I thought we had moved past this, but then I read this:

“Even though women have more rights today then we once had, there are still modern authors who chose to use pen names for the same reasons or foremothers did. In fact when J.K. Rowling first began publishing the Harry Potter series, her publishers advised her to use her initials or other pen name because they didn’t think little boys would read her series.” Jeanette Stingley from Bella Online

Elie Wiesel wrote one of my favorite books, an autobiographical account of his survival through the Holocaust. As horrible of time in history as that was, I can’t stop reading personal stories, about the history of the government and the aftermath. Here is an article from Wiesel on his perspective on various issues, A Conversation with Elie Wiesel

The Very First Thing I Look for in Your Book Proposal & Why is a very helpful insight into the world of publishing, which I plan to explore in the near future! It’s not just about the book content, but also the person who wrote it. Who would have thought?

So, what inspires you that you are thankful for today?

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